Hi, since this is my very first post I should probably tell you a bit more about myself than what’s on the homepage. I’ve been blogging on tumblr for a while now, so I’m not completely new at this, but apart from a few tries at messy sites where I could hardly post because they didn’t work properly, I’m new to blogging seriously. I considered starting a youtube channel, but as it turns out I’m horrible at talking to a camera, so I decided to stick to writing. My name is Laine, I’m a non-binary trans person (hence the blog name) or to be more precise agender. I use they/them pronouns (if you’re not familiar with it it may seem weird at first, but once you’ve used it a couple of times you’ll realize it’s actually not). I’ve been in a relationship with my partner (who does not want to be named, maybe I’ll make up a name for him in the future) for a little over 7 years now and we’re living together for about half of that. While he works full-time I’m a stay at home spouse on disability benefits (probably more on that in the future). When we moved in together about 3,5 years ago we got a cat named Fangorn (yes, after the lord of the rings forest) and both went vegan. At the moment I’m also working on a recipe book, so you’ll see updates about that too. Other hobbies I have are drawing and photography. I should really pick up running again as well. But that’s enough on me for now. See you soon.

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