Blogmas #11

Hi, welcome to another blogmas.

Today was the laziest day ever. I spent too long in bed after waking up which turned me in a total slug. I’m one of those morning people who needs to get out of bed right away or I’ll be completely useless all day.

My breakfast was a couple of sandwiches with jam, I skipped lunch and we had fries for dinner. That’s how sluggish I was. The only thing even remotely usefull I did all day was take a shower. Oh and clean the litterbox, because it’s quite small so we really can’t get away with skipping a day. We should really get a bigger one with how much Fangorn likes to dig, he always gets the litter everywhere.

While I was being a slug my partner sorted out his wardrobe and, just like me, he threw out more than he kept. Now all of our clother fit in one small closet. He threw out old bottles and glass and got some groceries.

So yeah, all in all quite a boring day. Hopefully tomorrow is better. See you then.

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