Blogmas #16


Hi guys,

Welcome to day 16 of my first ever vlogmas. I hope you’re still enjoying this as much as I do. Today I’m actually writing this from bed. It’s not an ideal position as I’m squashed underneath the roof to be able to reach the plug with my charger. But writing amongst my hyperactive family isn’t an option if you’re sensitive to sensory input. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but they can be rather exhausting.

Another reason I’m in bed is that I just took a bath for the first time in years. Of course I shower regularly, but I haven’t had an actual bath eversince I moved out of my moms house. Finally my back is feeling better after the intense backpains I’ve been having the last couple of days.

Well crap I just lost a large portion of text. The wifi is pretty shitty upstairs and the wordpress app keeps crashing. I just decided to write this post in a note app and just copy and paste in one go, that way I won’t lose anything again.

Where was I? I think I was about to tell you about this morning. Which started with the same oatmeal as ever. My regular readers will probably know what that looks like by now. If you’re new here and you’re curious just check a few posts back and you’ll find both of my go to oatmeal recipes. Well, I say recipes, I’m not sure if I ever posted the actual recipe. I should probably do that some time.

After breakfast I continued packing.


Even though we already packed most of our stuff we still needed to pack the refrigerated foods and some stuff we still needed like our toiletries. The big box is actually a table grill, because I’m not putting my food next to meat on a grill where it can absorb the grease.

I packed two sandwiches for the ride as lunch, which I totally forgot to take pictures of. One was peanut butter and apple and the other one was vegan mayo, cucumber and fake smoked salmon.

We were picked up by my stepsister and her parter around one and after a several hour drive we finally arrived at the holiday park right in the middle of the veluwe.

After a couple of drinks we had dinner, which was typical meat eater not-in-the-mood-to-cook pasta, which wasn’t very good, but I’ve definitely had worse (at scouting I actually almost puked once because it was that bad). At least we had good vegan cheese to go with it, so that helped.

After dinner my partner and I went for a walk. We actually wanted to go off the park into the forest, but after a mere 20 meters into the forest it got so dark even my partner couldn’t see a thing, so we decided to stick to a round on the park. When we got back I took a bath and here we are now. I think I’ll just do some light yoga for my back and then go to sleep. Oh and I still have a vlog by Chase Ross to watch. I have wifi here, so why not.

My leg already fell asleep because of my awkward position, so I’m going to call it quits for today. I hope tomorrow will be more interesting. I wonder what we are going to do. See you then.

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