Blogmas # 21 & 22

Hi guys,

I hope you haven’t lost interest yet as it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep up. Today is another two day blog again as a way to catch up.

Yesterday was a bit of a recharge day. I’m still regaining energy from the family weekend. So I didn’t really do very much.

I got a little gift in the mail yesterday.


Look how cute! This gift was a thank-you gift for volunteering at VegFestNL. Most of the images are by Maria Tiqwah, aren’t they amazing? Look at that cute little piglet!


This order came in the mail too. Four lovely soaps and two toothbrushes. Only now do I realize how his-and-hers the colours look even though the pink one is for my partner. They miscalculated the shipping costs and put the change in a little bag with it, so cute.


Today I bought a more practical tea box. In this box the tea bags can stand up which makes it more organized. I’ve been promising myself not to get anymore groceries because we should have enough and I keep buying more. I think I have a shopping addiction for food.


I bought two of these again. This one already almost popped open by itself but it was still completely full. I think the meat was the only thing keeping the water in. It was so tasty!


Both yesterday and today I had this amazing bowl for lunch. Yesterday it started out as something that was supposed to be a sushi burrito, but it fell apart before I could even lift it of the cutting board, so I cut it up. This one was todays bowl. For the rice bites I just spread some rice on a sheet of nori, put another sheet of nori on top and cut it in pieces. The sweet potato fries are baked with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and a little bit of olive oil at 220ºC for half an hour. Then there’s steamed kale, half an avocado and a lot of natto. Seriously I love that stuff. Though I do have to admit that the natto I buy here is probably quite a bit milder than the original Japanese stuff. This packet hardly even formed strings.

Yesterday we had pan fried potatoes, a veggie schnitzel and cauliflower for dinner (can it get more Dutch…). Today I skipped dinner because I had lunch that late (and honestly, look at the amount) and I was still full, so I made a quick stir fry with mock chicken, mushrooms, noodles and a store bought sauce.

I think that’s it for today. As we start our Christmas celebrations on Christmas eve tomorrow will be my last day of blogmas. See you then!

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