What I eat in a day while moving house

Hi guys,

It’s been a while so I thought I’d do another what I eat in a day post. Even though we have been living in our new apartment for a little over a week now, we are still very busy in both our old house and our new flat (bless my mom for cleaning our old place).

Since my kitchen is my sanctuary it’s further along than most rooms in the house, but a lot needs to be done. Boards need to be hung up for my herbs and spices, an extra worktop needs to be built over our washing machine and brand new dishwasher (again, thanks mom) and my brand new stove is only half set up as we can’t get the gas to stop leaking (we’re missing a rubbery bit that goes on the gas input, so it’s not actually a problem with the oven itself). This means I can use the oven, but not the stove. Good thing the oven is huge.

We ate pizza twice last week and baked potato wedges at least twice as often. We’re no strangers to tofu and veggie burgers from a tosti maker either. Not being able to cook as usual has one plus: it suddenly becomes incredibly easy to eat raw for breakfast.

But as my utensils and smaller appliances have been making their way back to the kitchen bit by bit, my daily routine is slowly returning to normal and our fridge is nicely filled again my creativity is improving as well.

To change up the habit of smoothies a bit I had a green juice for breakfast. This one contained apples, oranges, a lemon, ginger, carrots and kale.

Lunch was a simple potato and veggie roast. I had brussel sprouts too, but those burned long before the other two were cooked, good thing I didn’t mix it all together.

Honestly I’m quite proud of this dinner. These enchiladas are quite simple, but it’s quite a switch to make them with a good oven as only heat source when you’re used to finding ways to deal with having a shitty oven. I just grilled the onion and garlic before adding it to the mix. I used canned beans, corn and tomato sauce and store bought veggie mince, neither of which required much cooking. After rolling the enchiladas and pouring some more sauce over them I topped the whole thing of with vegan cheese. While the enchiladas were baking I made some cashew sour cream to go with them.

Well, that was it for today. See you next time.

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