Vegan grocery haul: Asian food shop



I just got back from a little trip to the Asian food shop, so I thought I’d share what I got. Asian food shops can be a little harder to navigate than regular grocery shops, but trust me, it’s totally worth it. I do have to admit though, I also like that it’s a lot quieter there.

I’m very lucky to have a local Asian food shop with a vegetarian owner. The shop isn’t, they probably wouldn’t make it here if it was, but they do have a lot of products most Asian food shops wouldn’t sell, specially not one that small. The one I get most is fresh tofu. It’s so much better than packaged, omg. Still though, with the previous owner I would go there for tofu to, because the brand they sold (and the current owner still sells) is still lots better than that from a regular grocery shop. Around here at least. They also sell some great fish substitutes, but those are quite expensive, so those are a rare treat for us.


Now onto what I did get. I spent a little over €13 on this haul. Of course I got loads of tofu. I got 3 large blocks and 2 small ones (they sit together in the top right bag). The small blocks are more delicate than the larger ones. Honestly you could eat the small blocks cold with nothing but a bit of soy sauce and ginger. I doubt I will though in this cold weather. The smaller blocks are a bit firmer and great for frying, but still nowhere near as firm as western standards. Honestly I like this better though. And this tofu is cheaper than packaged tofu too. How does she do it?

The napa cabbages I got because I decided to try making kimchi again. The daikon I got a few days ago (Korean radish isn’t available here), everything else I still had. Oh except the ginger, I got that too just now.

I also got a couple of hot peppers, enoki mushrooms, hoisin sauce and mushroom sauce. The enoki mushrooms taste almost like chicken to me, so I love to add them to ramen or hotpot so the broth absorbs some of their flavour.

The mushroom sauce is mostly for my partner. They want to learn how to cook, since the multitasking aspect of it is very hard for them. So for that reason I got a sauce for stir fries, since I usually make my own.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got and that maybe this inspired you to go to the Asian food shop as well. See you next time!

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