Avoiding the supermarket challenge; day 4

Hi y’all,

I’m back with another day of my challenge. It’s a bit of a struggle to just go with whatever I have, but not nearly as bad as I had expected honestly. My cravings are getting less pretty fast and at this point the hardest part is planning ahead and taking stuff out of the freezer or making things that take longer such as bread. But all in all, I’m pretty proud of myself so far.

I started today with the very lazy breakfast consisting of three bananas. Honestly today was a bit too much of your typical monday.


Then I did some work in my balcony garden. I took some plants that were struggling with the cold inside. I gave the black currant a dry spot as it was getting too wet and I still need to create drainage holes. I also planted out the cat grass I grew from seed, to make that container my cats own little garden.


Then I had a few crispy seaweed lavers as a snack. I love how yummy these are without getting the urge to just eat the entire bag in one sitting.


For lunch I had a flatbread I still had in the freezer with a load of fresh veggies, garlic sauce and fish fingers.


My partner had to work early, so we ate dinner super early. Dinner today was Japanese curry. This is probably one of my favourite cold weather foods. I usually make this with tofu, but I didn’t have any so I used chicken instead. It’s amazing how far one piece can take you. I only used a single breast on these four portions and it still feels like plenty. We’ll probably have the other two as leftovers tomorrow or the day after.


After dinner I had a glass of kombucha. I know, normally I don’t include drinks in these blogs, but I really loved the pineapple ginger flavour, so I wanted to share. I think it’s also kind of funny how it almost looks like beer. 18 year old me would not believe me if I’d said I like this better though.


Lastly I snacked on the last few toffees we had. This felt as a late night snack but it was only about 6 pm. Oops. I hope I don’t break open the bag of crisps we have, I really want to pace myself with the snacks, or we’ll have nothing next week.


Today it feels like I’m well on my way but at the same time also still have a long way to go. Two weeks isn’t even that long, but it can still feel like it. Stay tuned to see if I can keep it up. Bye!

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